The birth of a blog…

Hello everyone! My name’s Kimberly and I’m a single mom from Washington state. A few years ago, tired of dragging multiple cookbooks out every holiday season, I bought a couple of “recipe keepers”. Picked up at Costco, they’re essentially a 3 ring binder with different sections for storing recipes. I bought two so I could keep one and have another to give to my daughter when she graduated from high school.

I’ve done an okay job of keeping them updated, but this holiday season, I found that I was researching new recipes (and finding some that I’d just forgotten to write down) almost exclusively online. It dawned on me that while having a paper copy will be nice, it would certainly be more convenient for my daughter to be able to access our family recipe collection from the internet. Add to that the fact that my nephew seems to show as much interest in cooking as my daughter does and I don’t have a book for him!

It was definitely a “duh” moment for me, especially since I already read food blogs and have a few non food related blogs myself. So yeah, DUH!

I’m far from a professional (for now), but I’m very passionate about food. Having experienced the frustration of trying to figure out which recipes to follow, how to make certain things I really want to make by scratch and then later duplicating the successes had made me want to be able to help other people just like me.

Not many of my friends or family really love to cook or bake, so I’m hoping that this blog will also connect me to people with similar interests!

I hope you enjoy the recipes and the stories that go along with them as I record my home culinary adventures. If I can finally help someone get their buttercream perfect or pass on the secrets to a perfectly stuffed pork chop, it will all be worth it..

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